The City of Fire: Chapter Thirty-Seven

LINK made to stand up, but then thought better of it and sat down again. He was becoming very worried about Dark's continued absence. By his count it had been ten watches since the shadow had left them; Dark had said to wait twelve watches. There was only around a quarter of an hour left. What was holding him up?

Their Lizalfos guards continued their predictable patrol--too predictable, he thought now. A child could have figured out the pattern. It seemed more and more likely to him that some sort of trap had been set up around their cell--a trap for Dark. Link's inability to act infuriated him, but there was nothing he could do about it. Their only chance would be to try and warn Dark before he returned and walked into it, but he could see no way to do that. His fingers brushed against the hilt of the Goron dagger momentarily, and it reassured him a little. At least he was not entirely defenceless.

"Zelda?" he murmured softly, glancing sideways towards where she sat leaning against the wall, her eyes closed. She jerked slightly, drawn out of a doze by his call, and then shook back her blonde hair and looked towards him. Link moved his head very slightly, indicating the Lizalfos outside. "If they open the door," he murmured, "I am going to rush them. I might be able to take one or two out, while you two escape."

"What about you?" the Princess asked in a swift whisper.

He shrugged slightly. "We'll have to see what happens."

"Link, that's not acceptable! If we leave you behind, they will surely kill you when we escape. We have to stay together!" she insisted.

"Well, if you have any better ideas..." Link left the sentence hanging, allowing her to add whatever she might have in mind. She was silent, and after a moment he smiled tightly. "You don't, do you?"

"I do," Sofia whispered suddenly. "I suggest that we wait, and watch. They do not know that we have the dagger yet--or they would have come to take it from us. We should wait and see what happens. Sooner or later we'll have a chance to escape, if we can just be patient."



Half a mile away, Dark knelt on the cool stone floor of the tunnel, surrounded by the strange Black Boes. The little shadow-creatures gazed at him with love, pressing forward to touch him. Slowly he reached out with both hands and let the Boes brush against his fingertips. With soft rustling noises they came to him, nuzzling against his palms.

Slowly, a strange feeling crept over him. He could not explain it, but somehow he did feel a bond with these creatures. He and they were children of the same ancient magic; they were his lesser siblings, their own weakness confining them forever to the perfect darkness of the Underworld. He knew instinctively that the Boes had never seen the light of day, could never brave even the faintest glimmer of sunlight. It would dissolve and destroy them utterly... as it could destroy him, were he subjected to a light great enough. But... Shadowmaster? And a prophecy of his coming? There was much that he did not understand.

"Tell me," he said softly, "what is the foretelling of which you speak? How was it known that I would come here?"

"It was passed down for many years..." whispered the Boe beneath his hand. "We are prisoners of this place... Never to leave... Yet we spoke amongst ourselves of the ancient one... Your coming was told in the stone..."

"What stone?" Dark asked, curiously. Could there really be something down here that told of him? His friends needed him, were waiting for him, but... suddenly he wanted very much to uncover this strange mystery, even if it meant that pain he had fled from for so long. He wavered for a moment, unable to choose.

"Come..." whispered the Boe, amidst sounds of renewed rustling. "We will show you..." Soft as shadows they closed in and made the decision for him.

They were walking again, traveling ever downwards into the feathery darkness. He inhaled softly, tasting the air; he could sense the faint, musty odor of the Underworld ahead, a scent that haunted him from long ago. Eyes were no longer of any use here, and after a while he found himself relying fully on what his other senses told him. He saw with his ears, with his nose, with the sensitive skin of his fingertips trailing lightly along the wall. Suddenly he was young again, young and full of flame as he paced his way through the dead darkness of the Shadow Temple.

At last they reached the end of the passage and descended a steep slope that rattled with loose pebbles. His strange escorts pressing ever close, Dark stepped forward, through a great bleak archway, stretching out his hand across the stone. The giant bricks were worked in a fashion never seen in Hyrule. The air grew cool and clammy as they passed through, and the musty scent intensified. He halted, glancing back reluctantly; this was one of the gateways to the true Underworld, and he was loth to go onward into the really deep places. The Boes gathered around him, hundreds of them, chittering softly and whispering.

"Fear not, Shadowmaster, it is not far now..."

He sighed, then smiled slightly and nodded. He had been in the Underworld before, after all. He knew what it was. With one swift movement he drew the Lizalfos' crystal dagger from his belt, and walked forward. The Boes flowed around him like a river, leading him through some subterranean place; he could tell by the echoes that it was vast. His boots clicked on a cobbled floor. It was perfectly still so far, but he kept a sharp ear out for the familiar sounds of Gibdos and Like Likes, or the soft rushing of air that would signify a Floormaster's descent. He had "died" here before, several times, and each time it had taken many years to recover the strength to regenerate. There could be no mistakes while Link and the others relied upon him.

Link..! He cursed under his breath as all his worries came rushing back. Sepultura might be on her way already! He could not afford to get so wrapped up in his personal quest that he neglected the task at hand. Halting dead, Dark glanced back towards the archway, now several hundred yards behind him. The Boes rustled about him, disturbed by his sudden stop.

"What ails you, Shadowmaster?"

"My companions," he muttered, biting his lip as he tried to plan a route back to their cell. He had gotten turned around during the wild flight from the monsters, and now he realized with a cold shock that he had no idea where to go. He cursed himself again, vehemently. "I must return to the upper world. My companions will need me."

"Companions, Shadowmaster?" He could sense their eyes fixed on him with sudden doubt and suspicion. "What companions? We are of the shadow... we need no surface-dwelling light-lovers..."

"You must try to understand," Dark said softly. "Much lies at stake... the fate of the world, perhaps. I must help them." They were suspicious now, he could tell by the rustling and the way they had pulled away from him bunching together. Any moment now they might attack. "Listen!" he begged them. "This is important! We came here seeking a... an item of power. We must find it before those monsters do, or Hyrule itself may perish. There will be nothing, not even this. Do you understand?"

The Boes were silent, mulling over what he had said. Then, finally, one spoke up again. "We believe you, Shadowmaster..." was the softly whispered reply. "You are, after all, the one... We will lead you where you wish to go. But first... We would show you something. Will you follow?"

"I will," he agreed, slightly grim. They chittered softly at that, then turned as one and flowed away through the night. He followed once again, tracking them with his ears.

It seemed a long time before they finally paused again. Leaving the great hallway behind they walked through another smaller tunnel, wide enough for a couple of people but no more. Dark reached out and trailed his hand along the cool, damp wall, sensing the incredibly immense age of the stones. There was still no sign of any monster; the Boes were clustered about him like a living cloud, and he wondered if their presence was shielding him from detection. He had expected to be attacked before now. At last the air currents changed, and Dark sensed that they were coming to the end of the passage. The Boes dropped back, allowing him to approach the end by himself. He turned his head back towards them, but received no instruction. After a moment's hesitation he turned and walked on, slowly, to stand at the very end of the tunnel, facing the wall. There seemed to be nothing here, or at least nothing worthy of note... the passage was empty. Or was it? He lifted his hands, and placed them on the stone.

The surface was smooth, cold and carved. His fingers touched a raised edge, and he followed it round with one sensitive fingertip, realizing with sudden surprise that it was a letter. Carefully Dark ran his hands over the surface, finding that it was covered with carved writing in the ancient Hylian script. The Boes gathered around him, rustling their awe.

"Can you read it, Shadowmaster?.."

He felt the letters out carefully, visualizing them in his mind as he made out their shapes. "I can," he said quietly, reaching up to find the start of the writing. Slowly he began to work through the words, using only his sense of touch. Time had not been kind to the carving--deep cracks ran across the face of it here and there. Some of the letters crumbled a little even as he touched them, though he was as gentle as he could. who has slept a thousand years shall at last awaken

and recollection of a forgotten land will stir a silent heart

from darkness into light, and then again to darkness

...will come the Shadowmaster, first and last


...when the so... ...Din... ...mbers his true name

...whispers of the fallen moon... ...ncient country...

shall turn once more to shadows... into...

It was a very difficult passage, and Dark was no scholar of the ancient script. Even after three or four tries he could wring no clear meaning out of the fragments that remained upon the wall. The ancient Hylian prose was very beautiful and had lost none of its power over the centuries, but reading it in the darkness by touch, when one voice-mark could change the whole focus of the passage... it was not easy. He ran his fingers over the text once more, making sure of his translation, and then lowered his hands and stood silent, head bowed, thinking over the words.

Much was incomprehensible to him. The archaic language's written form, with its ecliptic endings and difficult tenses, escaped him by now; one of the few skills Link First had not mastered was the reading of the Hylian script, and Dark knew only what he had picked up himself over the years. Then, too, he was able only to feel the letters; for a moment he actually cursed the friendly darkness, wishing for a light with which to examine the wall before him. One phrase in particular struck him: the fallen moon. For some reason he felt as if he should know what it meant. It was familiar, like an old song half-recalled.

Yet there was one last line. The carving had been almost obliterated here; his fingers had touched deep cracks and chips in the stone. The only word he could make out was either hollowed or hallowed, and neither seemed to make sense in context. Without the last piece of the passage, he could not unravel its mystery, or tell what it was about, save only for one thing... the text mentioned the coming of the Shadowmaster.

"Is there no more of this?" he asked softly.

"We have found none..." came the whispered response.

He sighed slightly. What had he been expecting? Answers? Perhaps... He ran his hands over the wall again, and bowed his head, thinking hard.

"I do not understand," he said finally. "How was it prophesied that I would come here to you? And what am I supposed to do here?"

The Boes were silent for a long time, rustling amongst themselves. Then, finally, one spoke up. "Perhaps it is not for us to say... perhaps we are to serve you..."

He lifted his head, sharply, sensing the possibility of victory. "Then lead me back to the upper levels, and to the prison cells if you will. I have nothing to offer you but my thanks... but should you guide me to my friends, I will not swiftly forget your aid."

"Then follow once more..." without hesitation came the soft reply, "and we shall guide you..."



The corridors were utterly quiet. Nothing moved, and barely a sound drifted through the subterranean chambers to reach Dark's ears as he padded quietly along, masked by his almost-complete invisibility. The paths here were lit, and the light was slightly painful to his eyes after so long in total darkness. The Boes had left him once he had reached the lighted way; they could not easily venture out into such illumination. However, they had taken him to a place which he recognized, and from whence he had easily regained his bearings. He walked swiftly, with ears pricked always for sounds of monsters... yet the tunnels were as silent as a grave.

A long bare hallway stretched out before him, empty of any cover. Slowly, keeping to the wall, he inched along it, muscles taut and breath coming quickly. Should anything appear while he was in the open, he would be caught once again, with nowhere left to run. Dark ceased to breathe until he had reached the end of the long hall; gratefully he slipped into the meager cover afforded by the slightly wider, less well lit chamber, and waited to recover his poise. Just ahead was the opening that led through to the cells; he knew it well by now. His sojourn was almost over. He walked forward quickly and paused by the entrance, listening. Only the soft snores of the guard met his ears. With a slight smile at the lizardman's ineptitude, Dark stepped forward into the tall arched hallway lined by barred doors. Shadows surrounded him, hiding him from view.

There was the cell, just ahead. He felt for the Lizalfos dagger at his belt, hoping that its point would suffice for lock-picking; he might not have time to get the Goron's dagger off Link. With a quick glance both ways, Dark stepped out into the open space and quickly crossed the hallway to stand before the door. The others were asleep or dozing in various postures, looking tired and uncomfortable on the stone floor of their prison; for a moment a wave of uncharacteristic pity rose up in him for these fragile children. Fear not, young ones, Dark said softly to them in his mind, we shall soon quit this place. Taking a deep breath to steel himself, he dropped his disguise and took the lock in hand.

Link opened his eyes and sat up. "Dark?" he mumbled softly under his breath. A moment later his eyes widened in comprehension, and he scrambled to his feet despite his sleepiness. "Dark, no! It's a trap!"

"What-" Dark began, barely having time to take in the young warrior's words, let alone react to them in time. Suddenly there came a crashing blow to the side of his head, which flung him to the floor; the Lizalfos dagger went spinning across the stone flags, flying out of reach. Dizzy from the impact, Dark still managed to scramble to his knees, pressing a hand to his forehead, but another jarring blow hit him in the small of the back, throwing him to the ground. He felt the cold talons of the Lizalfos dig into his shoulders, and sensed the glimmer of the crystal knife above him. Before the monster could bring the dagger to bear, Dark twisted out of its grip, rolled, leaving the torn collar of his tunic in its grasp, and came up on his feet; then, he might have escaped, but for the sudden swimming of his vision. He staggered and almost lost his balance, realizing belatedly that he had been concussed by the blow to the head.

Another of the Lizalfos jumped him then, knocking him to the ground. He struggled desperately as the reptiles piled on top of him, but it was all over then. Scaled fists pummeled him until he could resist no more, and sank with a thin cry of pain into a darkness more complete than that of the Underworld.

Link... Zelda... Sofia... I am sorry... I failed.

Furious at himself, Link struck at the bars with his bare hands as Dark disappeared beneath the seething Lizalfos. He had tried his best to stay awake until the shadow returned, hoping against hope that he would be able to see through Dark's stealth and warn the other in time; he had failed to do so. The others were awake and standing, watching with mute horror as their one chance of escape was lost.

And then she appeared.

Gliding out of the darkness like a wraith, came a woman. Her long dark hair, streaked with purest white, snaked around her shoulders like so many serpents. Eyes as luminous and crimson as Dark's burned within her death-white face. The long, clinging gown of blue she wore floated around her as she moved, showing more than its share of her slender form. A small glowing light, the color of a dandelion flower, hovered beside her. And a tangible sense of evil flowed with her as she stepped into their line of view, a sense of malevolence so terrible that it made Zelda shiver and step back from her.

Link had never seen her before in this form, but instinctively he knew who she was. "Sepultura," he snarled angrily, every muscle tensing as he wished he could jump the woman there and then. So this was their mysterious foe, the one who had sent Stalfos and Poes to attack them--their rival on the quest for the Amulets.

"Correct, little hero! So you know my name! I suppose our shadowy friend here told you?" With a swift, melodramatic movement Sepultura lifted the silver wizard's staff she carried; the eyes of the dragon flashed crimson red, and hidden torches blazed up, lighting the dark hallway adequately for the first time. Link's gaze went to Dark; he lay unconscious on the stones, a smear of bright blood marring the ground nearby. Two of the Lizalfos bent and lifted the shadow roughly by the arms, seeming surprised at his lightness. Yanking his arms over their shoulders, they hauled him into an upright position. With a light, tinkling laugh, Sepultura walked over to him and placed her elegant fingers under his chin, lifting his head. "Well, well, old friend," the sorceress purred to the unconscious shadow. "It has been a long time, has it not? Our Master would have been so disappointed in you..."

"You leave him alone, you--!" Zelda trembled with rage; words failed her for a moment. Link glanced at her and reached out, laying a comforting hand on her arm. Beside him, Sofia watched the sorceress with eyes filled with disgust; Sepultura symbolized everything she hated.

Relinquishing Dark, Sepultura straightened up and turned her head to look at them. "So... this is the Hyrulian Princess," she murmured, a cold smile crossing her brilliantly red lips. "And Thorkelin's daughter. And you, little hero... yes, I believe we have met before. Well, well." She tapped a long fingernail idly on the neck of the staff. "Tell me," came the voice, honey-sweet, "which of you bears the Forest Medallion?"

Nobody said a word. The three of them stared at her through the bars, silently hostile.

After a few moments the sorceress gave an impatient sigh and turned away. A flick of her fingers brought one of the Lizalfos cringing and bowing to her side. She nodded towards Dark, still senseless in the grip of the two who held him.

"Gut him."

A crystal knife flashed in the torchlight--and Link grabbed at the bars of the cell. "No!"

Sepultura raised her hand sharply; the Lizalfos froze with dagger poised. Sweetly smiling the sorceress turned back towards the cell, her blood-coloured eyes seeming almost to glow in the poor light. "You wish to say something, boy?"

"Link--" Sofia began in a rough whisper, but found that she could say nothing else--not with that hideous scene before her, the raised dagger and the smear of blood already on the stone. It was most horrifying to see Dark--invincible Dark--so powerless. This was real now.

"Let him speak," Sepultura said quietly. Her eyes flared triumph as she looked now upon Link, who stood stricken. "Well, boy?"

The silence was agony--then, like a sudden snap, the tension broke. Link let out a sound midway between a snarl and a sob, and drew the Amulet from beneath his shirt. "Take it, then," he said, his voice low and thick. "Take it! I won't watch you kill him." And he tossed the Amulet through the bars to land spinning on the rough stone floor, its emerald gem alive with sparkling light.

Sepultura moved with the speed of a striking snake, hooking the Amulet's chain with the end of her staff. She lifted it high so that the stone caught the torchlight, and threw her head back, and laughed for sheer joy. In another moment the golden chain was around her own slender neck. She shook out her dark hair with her free hand.

The Lizalfos with the knife shifted uneasily. "Great Lady?"

"Yes, yes," Sepultura said, distracted. "Leave him be! We shall have little enough to fear from these three. You will follow me, and bring Dark Link with you. When I have dealt with him, I shall return for these... you may have them after. Their part is done."

The lizardman gave a clawed salute, one yellow eye sliding sideways to fix the three behind their bars. "I shall do as you say, mistress," the Lizalfos hissed in its broken reptilian voice. There was a horrible pleasure in its tone that made Link wish for Kreet... at least with the commander he knew more or less where he stood.

"Pirrillip!" Sepultura snapped suddenly. With a flutter and a high tinkling sound, as of the peals of thousands of tiny bells, the yellow light swooped over to hang before her. Its golden radiance cast a warm glow over her pale angular face, making the sorceress's cold features seem almost gentle--but it was an obvious illusion. "Watch them while I am gone! I want no mistakes this time."

"I hear and obey, Lady!" With that, the light backed off to hang before the cell door, buzzing very faintly on almost invisible gossamer wings.

Sepultura smiled again, revelling in her triumph as she met Link's eyes. With a cruel smile the sorceress turned on her heel, her blue gown rippling, and glided off into the darkness. The Lizalfos general who had accompanied her gave a swift bark to his two comrades, and without hesitation they followed, dragging Dark between them. The lights in the hall guttered and burned out, and the darkness swallowed the sorceress and her minions.

"You gave it away?" Sofia hissed.

Link turned on her. "Would you have let her do it? Would you watch?"

"He can't die anyway," the red-haired woman muttered.

"No, he can't--but what difference does it make? It would have been you next, or Zelda!" His fists clenched, shook. "I had to. I hate myself for it, but I had to."

"I know," Sofia said after a moment. She sighed and slumped, gazing at the floor. "I would have done the same."

"Well, we're done for now," the Hero said sourly.

"Maybe not..." Zelda murmured, watching the last of the Lizalfos depart. Apparently, now that Pirrillip was watching them and Dark was captured, the lizardmen felt no need to post extra guards. They still did not know about the Goron's dagger... Dark had only the Lizalfos's crystal blade on his person. Zelda glanced around with narrowed eyes, making sure that nothing was nearby, and then nudged Link, pulling him with her into the back of their prison.

"What is it, Zelda?" he asked, surprised.

Her eyes on the hovering light, Zelda motioned for silence. "That creature is our only guard," she said under her breath, wary that Pirrillip could hear her. "If I engage it in conversation, we might be able to catch it. Get the food satchel out from under the hay, and be ready."

"Right," Link whispered, before turning away and kneeling casually in the hay. His hands dove into the crackling strands beneath him, and the fingers of the right entwined themselves in the strap of the empty satchel. He met Zelda's eyes for an instant, and nodded imperceptibly.

Pirrillip hovered, nervously. It did not like being left alone in the darkness, especially given the stories passed about by the monsters down here. Tales of the darkness coming alive, nameless things creeping out of dank holes to swallow the unwary... The light unconsciously fluttered a little closer to the cell, where at least there were living beings like itself.

Zelda walked to the bars, and grasped them in her hands, looking out through them at the little light. "Hello," she said pleasantly, in a tone of voice more generally reserved for courtly occasions. "You're a fairy, aren't you?"

The light backed off quickly, startled by the sound of her speech. "Er... I..." it stammered, then, putting on a pretence of toughness, "What's it to you?"

"Oh, I was just interested," the Princess said casually, cocking her head with a sweet, inviting smile. "I had never seen a fairy before... I thought they had all vanished a long time ago."

"So what?" Pirrillip snapped defensively. But, intrigued despite itself, it hovered a little nearer to them.

"Do you know," Zelda began thoughtfully, "my grandmother knew someone with a guardian fairy... Spryte, her name was."

"Spryte?" The fairy sounded shocked.

"That's right... why, do you know the name?"

"I..." Pirrillip seemed genuinely discomfited, but swiftly it recovered. "And I should care because..?" it demanded in a tone of bravado. Link noted that the golden light was now very close to the bars, almost within arms' reach. Very casually, he got to his feet, the satchel hanging open in his hand.

"...oh, yes," Zelda was chattering happily, seemingly unaware of the fairy's poorly-concealed interest. She was slowly luring Pirrillip closer, by means of backing away slightly and lowering her voice--forcing the fairy to come forward to hear her better. "There is a long tradition of friendship between the Royal Family and the fairy kind. In fact, the Hero of Time was accompanied by a fairy on his epic quest--oh, you knew that? Actually, to be honest I am a little puzzled... I thought your kind usually fought against Ganon. How did you come to meet this Sepultura character--oh, well done, Link!" With a sudden swift rush the young warrior had jumped forward, bag open in his hand, and scooped the astonished fairy right up--just like catching a butterfly. Before Pirrillip could even try to flee he had the satchel buckled and tucked neatly under his arm. Furious, high-pitched cries came from inside the bag; luckily they were muffled, for by the sound of it the little fairy was turning the air blue. Link tossed the bag to Sofia, who caught it and hung it neatly from a nail at the back of the cell.

"They'll find you soon enough," she said politely to the enraged sprite. "We're all terribly sorry about this, but we have things to do. Tell your mistress we'll pay her a call as soon as we can!"

Zelda retrieved the Goron's dagger from the straw where it had lain hidden, and walked quickly to the door. She reached through the bars and took the padlock in hand, hoping that she would be able by some patient fumbling to trip the lock--but the hasp clicked open in her hands. "Oh-!" she said in shock, nearly dropping her dagger. Dark must have got it open before he had been surprised.

The door swung open as its chain rattled noisily to the floor. They were free. The three of them held their breath and listened for the sound of approaching monsters; the noise of the chain had seemed to be as loud as a horn-call in the quiet of the tunnels. Nothing happened. After a few moments more, Link stepped out into the hallway, taking a long breath of relief at his new freedom. He glanced back, waiting for the girls to join him. Zelda followed Sofia out, the dagger in her hands; for a moment she looked at the bright blade, thinking things over, then she handed it solemnly to Link. "You can use this better than we can," she said softly.

"I'll do my best," the young warrior promised, slipping the long knife into the sheath where before would have sat his serpentine dagger. He sighed, missing the familiar handle of his own blade. "This is not going to be easy, especially without you-know-who. We cannot risk a fight, not with only one weapon between the three of us--we have to be as stealthy as we can."

Zelda glanced at him, then nodded her agreement. "We are due a lucky chance or two, I think. If we stay together, and keep to the darkest parts of the corridors, we should be all right. After all, Dark managed it twice on his own--for three of us it should be no problem!"

Link did not bother to suggest that one person on his own could much easier avoid detection, especially when he had superior hearing and could even make himself practically invisible when he wanted to. They all knew it. "Well, girls..." he said instead, running his hand over the hilt of the Goron's dagger at his waist, "where to?"

Sofia looked about her with a frown, trying to remember the way they had come. Returning to the surface the way they had come would not be an option; it would take a Moblin's strength to send one of the mine carts on its way, and not all the three of them together could equal the brute force possessed by one of those monstrous ogres. They needed Dark, now more than ever. She sighed and took the plunge. "We have to go the way Sepultura went... somehow, we have to find Dark, and rescue him. I am afraid that we won't escape without him."

Link's gaze went to the satchel in their cell. Tiny fists pummeled it from the inside as Pirrillip vented its frustration. The fairy would soon explain how and where they had gone... it seemed obvious, far too much so, that they would go in search of Dark. "No," he said in a low voice, after a moment more. "We'll find Dark later. Right now, we have to find a good place to hide out. They will soon come looking for us, and our best chance of survival is going to be learning where things are."

"Oh, Link, are you sure?" Zelda asked unhappily. "I hate to leave him in her clutches..."

"He'll be fine," Sofia said tartly, breaking into the conversation. "If half of what I know now is true, he has survived well over a thousand years--he can wait a few hours more, don't you think?"

The Princess sighed. She was unwilling just to abandon Dark to the tender mercies of Sepultura, even if it were only for a short while. Still, she could think of no better course of action... their getting themselves captured again would certainly not help Dark any. Their only real option was to do as Link had suggested, and hope that Dark would hold out for them. "Then let's go," she said finally, giving in. "We had better hurry, though... she could come back at any moment."

Link paused, listening intently for any sound of approaching monsters. Sepultura had taken the righthand passage out of the cell. "This way," he said finally, gesturing towards the left.



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