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...Why not write a fanfic about Dark Link?

That moment had to be the mother of all stupid ideas. Late in the autumn of 1998, while sitting at the computer waiting for a friend to come online, I opened Notepad on a whim and typed out the first sketchy draft of a scene that would turn out to be one of the major events of ELOZE. At the time I had no idea who the two characters were, or why they were fighting each other; they sprang fully formed out of the ether, as it were, and it was left to me over the next few years to work out bit by bit what was going on.

This story has now been with me for nearly a decade, through some of the best - and worst - times of my life. I've both gained and lost friends from it. I have tried to give it up before, and even managed once to leave it alone for three years... but it's patient. Patient like a snake. It sits, fixes me with its unblinking gaze and waits quietly, expectantly, smugly, for me to come round and see things its way. I have now pretty much accepted that I'll have to finish ELOZE before I'm capable of doing anything else.

We've been through a lot of changes, ELOZE and I - including a complete rewrite which itself took over two years - since those early days when the first chapters of Prologue were posted on The Archives. Characters I threw in as bit-players at the time have turned out to be vitally important; likewise people I once thought were crucial have dwindled to nothing. I myself am continually surprised by the sharp turns ELOZE continues to take.

So here it is, ELOZE: Tale of Two Thousand Years. Hefty, unwieldy, creaking under the weight of its own history, sometimes lyrical and sometimes mad, it's the product of an obsessive mind, the Lord of the Rings of fanfic.

This version at North Castle includes an extensively rewritten version of The Shadowmaster, my first and only "normal" Legend of Zelda fanfic. Of course it also speaks of Dark Link. In a sense, it's the prequel to ELOZE and should be read as such. You may have seen it before; the original was posted on The Archives in 1999, and also on FanFiction.Net, and also here and on a number of other Legend of Zelda fan sites.




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Synopsis: Link and Zelda begin their epic quest with a journey into the west in search of the legendary Spirit Temple. A chance encounter leads them to make new friends and allies among the Gerudo people. But not everybody bears them goodwill. Before the adventure is over, the two Hylians must survive not only the malice of the desert, but an evil that has followed them from their own land.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen

The Garden of Farore

Synopsis: Joined by Sofia and the sinister Dark, the heroes head for Kokiri Forest and the rumoured site of an ancient temple. In the sacred meadow they meet the mysterious Greenfinger and with his help pass into the temple where they must face and defeat evil spirits before they claim their first amulet. The companions' first lesson is that it's never wise to judge by outward appearance, for a monstrous face may hide a hero's heart.

Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty-One
Chapter Twenty-Two
Chapter Twenty-Three
Chapter Twenty-Four
Chapter Twenty-Five
Chapter Twenty-Six
Chapter Twenty-Seven


Synopsis: Old habits die hard. Dark is having a tough time adapting to city life, and when a haunting reminder of his former identity appears, the quest hangs in the balance. The ancient shadow must vanquish an inner demon of his own before he can deliver Link from the spell of the Sword of Tears.

Chapter Twenty-Eight
Chapter Twenty-Nine
Chapter Thirty
Chapter Thirty-One

The City of Fire

Synopsis: There's trouble in Kakariko... again. The village that stands in the very shadow of Death Mountain is prone to being plagued by monsters, but as winter draws nigh the problems are getting worse and worse. When the companions investigate, they quickly find themselves in deep trouble - and it gets deeper still when Sepultura and her henchmen confront them for the first time.

Chapter Thirty-Two
Chapter Thirty-Three
Chapter Thirty-Four
Chapter Thirty-Five
Chapter Thirty-Six
Chapter Thirty-Seven
Chapter Thirty-Eight
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Chapter Forty
Chapter Forty-One
Chapter Forty-Two
Chapter Forty-Three
Chapter Forty-Four
Chapter Forty-Five
Chapter Forty-Six

Broken Mirror

Synopsis: All of Hyrule Town is buzzing with excitement about the upcoming Yule celebrations, but one person isn't so happy. As more and more of Link First's memories return to him, Dark begins to wonder who he really is. And when he and Galdenor meet face-to-face for the first time, the shadow is forced to consider the unthinkable...

Chapter Forty-Seven
Chapter Forty-Eight
Chapter Forty-Nine
Chapter Fifty

Zora's Ghost

Synopsis: On a bleak January day, Galdenor sets off on the long journey back to Gaelaidh, and Link and the others accompany him part-way. Their own destination is the lakeside town of Mido, where they hope to uncover clues as to the location of the third amulet. But they're not the only ones to have had that idea. Kleox, it turns out, is far from dead, and he wants that amulet for himself.

Chapter Fifty-One
Chapter Fifty-Two
Chapter Fifty-Three
Chapter Fifty-Four

The Far Sea

Synopsis: The cryptic message on Japas's tomb sends the Knights on an epic voyage - eight hundred miles across the Hyrulian ocean in search of the enigmatic Zoran people. Before they can restore the broken amulet, they must face all the hazards of the open ocean, including the most legendary sailor's yarn of all: the Isle of the Wind Fish.

Chapter Fifty-Five
Chapter Fifty-Six
Chapter Fifty-Seven
Chapter Fifty-Eight
Chapter Fifty-Nine
Chapter Sixty
Chapter Sixty-One
Chapter Sixty-Two
Chapter Sixty-Three
Chapter Sixty-Four
Chapter Sixty-Five
Chapter Sixty-Six
Chapter Sixty-Seven
Chapter Sixty-Eight
Chapter Sixty-Nine
Chapter Seventy
Chapter Seventy-One
Chapter Seventy-Two
Chapter Seventy-Three

Shadow's Mastery

Synopsis: There's only one possible place where the Shadow Amulet could be, and it's bad news. Reluctantly, the Knights head down into the Underworld, a lightless realm of death where even Ganon feared to venture far. Disaster strikes almost at once - lost and scattered, the heroes find themselves adrift in the fiefdom of the powerful Wizzrobe lord, Carock. But Link, Zelda and Sofia now face a greater foe... for in one black moment, everything is changed, and their alliance shattered forever.

Chapter Seventy-Four
Chapter Seventy-Five
Chapter Seventy-Six
Chapter Seventy-Seven
Chapter Seventy-Eight
Chapter Seventy-Nine
Chapter Eighty
Chapter Eighty-One
Chapter Eighty-Two
Chapter Eighty-Three
Chapter Eighty-Four
Chapter Eighty-Five
Chapter Eighty-Six
Chapter Eighty-Seven
Chapter Eighty-Eight
Chapter Eighty-Nine
Chapter Ninety
Chapter Ninety-One
Chapter Ninety-Two

Shadows Mastered

Synopsis: N/A
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Bride of Ganon

Synopsis: N/A
Status: N/A

The Dark World

Synopsis: N/A
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